Ashkenas, R. (April 16, 2013). Change Management Needs to Change. Harvard Business Review.

          Cites the often cited 60-70% failure rate. from McKinsey & Company. about organizational change projects and discusses

          how to fix that.

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           Essay has 10 principles: 1. Address the “human side” systematically. 2. Start at the top. 3. Involve every layer. 4. Make the 

           formal case. 5. Create ownership. 6. Communicate the message. 7. Assess the cultural landscape. 8. Address culture

           explicitly. 9. Prepare for the unexpected. 10. Speak to the individual.

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          Essay posted on Rick Torbin's blog.

Venus, M. Stam, D. Knippenberg, D. (August 15, 2018). Research: To Get People to Embrace Change, Emphasize What Will Stay the Same. Harvard Business Review. Summarizes research published in the Academy of Management that leadership has to

           emphasize to employees the continuity on how an organization will be  preserved, despite the uncertainty and changes

           on the horizon.