Case Studies

The Case Studies section provides you with real world examples of consulting or in-house projects done of OCM investigations that you can review and use to evaluate your organization or the organization you are working with. The Case Studies are categorized by type, size and location. The Case Studies are real world projects that I have reviewed for both their authenticity and relevancy. I have listed the contact person(s) in case you wish to consult with them. However, the Case Study projects are presented here as anonymous because I don’t want the actual organization to be embarrassed or questioned. The caveat is when said case study is based on a published study. It will be up to the OCM evaluater to decide whether to divulge the details about the actual organization in question. It also be up to the individual evaluater to decide how much in formation is available for free (or pro bono) or for a fee for service. 

Type: Private-Sector or Public-Sector (Non-Profit, Government, Quasi-Government). Type also can hire a finer scale. Any group can be identified according to the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code. Also, a Public-Sector organization can be a Government agency in the USA can be federal, state, regional, state, county or city. The Quasi-Government can be a utility (gas, electric, water, sewer, etc.). Non-Profit can be further subdivided into product, services, or clientele provided. Private-Sector can be subdivided product, services, or clientele.

Size: Number of employees or Annual budget figures

Location: The location will be geographic. For example, it will identify the location by nation, state and possibly more. I have decided not to provide any further locational information because it might make the actual organization too easy to identify.