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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: History of Change

Chapter 3: Models: A Meta-Analysis

Chapter 4: PSOCM 10-Step Model

                  Phase I: Initiate the Organizational Assessment

Step          1.0    First Steps

   Action     1.1    Problem Identification

   Action     1.2    Starts at the Top

   Action     1.3    Human Dynamic

   Action     1.4    Communication Plan

Step           2.0    Kick-Off Program

   Action     2.1    Initial Group Meeting

   Action     2.2    Setting Ground Rules

   Action     2.3    Employee Involvement

Step          3.0    Collect Data/Assessment/Analysis

   Action     3.1    Existing Vision, Mission, Strategy

   Action     3.2    Cultural Assessment

   Action     3.3    Document Review

   Action     3.4    Performance Measurement/Benchmarking

Step           4.0    Feedback from Stakeholders

   Action     4.1    Structured and Unstructured Interviews

   Action     4.2    Focus Groups

   Action     4.3    Open Houses

   Action     4.4    Surveys

                  Phase II: Implement Organizational Change

Step           5.0    Diagnosis

   Action     5.1    Problem Solving

Step           6.0    Design Interventions

   Action     6.1    OCM Interventions

Step           7.0    Implement Change

   Action     7.1    Process Mapping

   Action     7.2    Reengineering Process (BPR)

Step           8.0    Manage Change/Restructure Organization

   Action     8.1    Mixed Implementation

   Action     8.2    OCM Plan (strategic, financial)

Step           9.0    Lock In Change

   Action     9.1    Carrot and Stick

   Action     9.2    Executive Leadership Coaching

   Action     9.3    Employee Training and Development

   Action     9.4    Cross Functional Training

   Action     9.5    Customer Service Training

   Action     9.6    Team Building

   Action     9.7    Procedures Manual & Standardization

   Action     9.8    Establish Performance Measures/Expectations

   Action     9.9    Performance Appraisal/Management

   Action     9.10 Total Quality Management

                  Phase III: Maintain Organizational Development

Step           10.0   Maintain

   Action     10.1   Monitoring Performance/Perception

   Action     10.2   Sustaining Change Program

   Action     10.3   Continuous Improvement

   Action     10.4   Succession Plan for Organizational Continuity

Chapter 5: Conclusion





Appendix A - PSOCM Annotated

Appendix B - PSOCM Schedule

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