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Human Dynamic

Human dynamics is more than a buzz word. According to Wikipedia it “refers to a branch of complex systems research in statistical physics such as the movement of crowds and queues and other systems of complex human interactions including statistical modelling of human networks, including interactions over communications networks.” For our purposes, understand the human dynamics of organizational change management means managing the human side of change. Just as you have plans for the overall organizational change and for communicating the changes, you also need to understand the human dynamic that will occur. In one of the articles I have cited from Forbes, it states that “The companies that emerge from the crisis with a strong balance sheet and a functioning, high-value talent pool will be the ones with leaders who do something more.” To do this you must:

  • Manage the change, but lead the transition

  • Balance the drive to keep things moving with the need to give people time to catch up

  • Know when to empathize and when to be tough

  • Balance realism and optimism

  • Trust yourself, and trust others

  • Know your strengths, and try new things


Bunker, K (June 24, 2009). Nowadays, Leadership Means Being More Human. Forbes Magazine.

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