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The Antisocial Society

It is ironic that in a time of politically growing socialism we have become commercially more antisocial. Our society has become more fragmented. The American “melting pot” is now divided into technologically isolated self-interest groups who clamor for attention through a now dissapated media. Our self-serving, isolated manifestations have led to the rise of a triad of government-media-technology complex that hints at the rise of a new fascism in Western civilization. The phrase “politically correct” seems rather quaint in the face of the increasingly, academically forced requirements to categorize people’s thinking by race and gender stereotypes.

     We have:

  • Racially resegregated society with Black Lives Matter pushing out white, brown, and yellow people.

  • Legally protected an increasingly political and antisocial technology

  • Politically become a divided nation of socialists and nationalists

  • Become individually isolated where we work remotely, have our purchases delivered, and avoid social contact.

  • Defunded and ostracized the police and increased crime

  • Economically supported the global rise of a totalitarian nightmares with our purchasing

  • Insanely destroyed our energy independence by outsourcing oil and natural gas production to countries who flaunt environmentally sound processes and are destroying our very air and water quality

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