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National Political Failures of Organizational Management

As an acknowledged independent voter, I will delve into the problems of national politics in need of organizational change management. At the moment we have two parties pursuing opposing agendas. I am not going to choose a preferential party because I find issues with both.

We have the Republicans who are quasi capitalists and the Democrats who are quasi socialists. I use the adjective “quasi” because neither are true to the message. Setting that aside, the real issue is that both parties are guilty of major mismanagement of their respective agendas and of achieving any reasonable and rational compromise.

The Democrats came to power with a powerful edge since the had control of both house of Congress and the office of the President in 2021. They squandered this opportunity by immediately taking actions that angered the public. Most of the blame is on the President for opening the border to millions of undocumented workers (a.k.a., illegal aliens) who flooded the country with drugs like fentanyl and allowing unprecedented human trafficking. This was followed by pursuing massive spending that caused a recession and over 9% inflation. The fact is that they were so focused on the Green New Deal, the ghost of Roosevelt’s New Deal, that they lost touch with economic reality. As Democrats, they forgot President Bill Clinton’s admonition of “It’s the economy stupid!” There were other agenda items that were taken too far such as transgender men posing as women in sports. This was a direct conflict with the feminist agenda by compromising the Title IX’s equal opportunity in sports for women. The local agenda faired no better. The major city in the control of Democrats were ravaged by crime because of the combination of defunding the police and voting in liberal district attorneys and mayors. The massive increase in the price of gasoline also impacted the economy in terms of transportation, farming, and personal use. Shutting down American oil production while asking the Saudis to produce more was an obvious mistake. Also pursuing a carbon free America at the expense of allowing China to pollute the global air quality was another.

The Republicans were positioned to regain power in both houses of Congress thanks to the mismanagement of the Democrats. However, they got no help from the current leader of their party. Former President Donald J. Trump squandered much of his political capital by constantly harping on losing his last election instead of focusing on his next election. The question was not so much about whether his allegations were true. It was more about why even talk about ancient history. His involvement in the January 6th riot didn’t help himself of his party. His lasting legacy to the American political landscape was his Supreme Court appointments that secured a future two decades of conservative legal decisions. Roe v. Wade and West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency are only the tip of the legal decision iceberg.

One final note is about how the Democrats badly handled the Jan. 6th Committee hearings. The committee appointments were a blatant disregard of even the appearance of fairness. Worse is the fact that when the Republicans take back the House of Representatives there will be reprisals such as investigations into Hunter Biden’s shady financial dealings and even the possibility of another impeachment that will go nowhere.

As a student of the U.S. Constitution, I take solace in the fact that it was fashioned to make it difficult for any party to pass sweeping changes that endanger the American political landscape. Both parties could change how they manage their agendas by being more conciliatory and seeking compromises that benefit the American public. However, I am not going to tell them what to do because it would be merely proposing my agenda. I can merely point out where there is a need for organizational change.

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