**Coronavirus, City Riots, Election, Economic Predictions**

I have lived a long life. I drove a delivery truck in Watts during the riots. With a black friend. I volunteered during the Vietnam War, to avoid the draft. I have been married and divorced a few times, and raised several teenagers. That taught me more than my doctorate studies in organizational psychology. I lived through a couple of major economic recessions and a couple of minor pandemics. I worked for three state governors as a senior policy analyst on the economy and the environment. So, I am going to give you a series of predictions based on my experience and my education. And if I am wrong, you can quit reading what I write. Here it goes.


By the Christmas of 2020 the world will go back to being pretty normal. The coronavirus vaccine and tests will be in production and starting to reach us. The elections will be over in America and half the country will be happy. But the riots will subside because they will run out of steam and it will be cold. The economy will start to recover and people will be going back to work. The stock market will be over 15,000. And 2021 will be a very good year to invest in people, the market and real estate -- in that order.


So, there you have it! Buy low and sell high. I just did.