**Coronavirus, City Riots, Election, Economic Predictions**

I have lived a long life. I drove a delivery truck in Watts during the riots. With a black friend. I volunteered during the Vietnam War, to avoid the draft. I have been married and divorced a few times, and raised several teenagers. The latter taught me more than my doctorate studies in organizational psychology. I lived through a couple of major economic recessions and a couple of minor pandemics. I worked for three state governors as a senior policy analyst on the economy and the environment. So, I am going to give you a series of predictions based on my experience and my education. And if I am wrong, you can quit reading what I write. Here it goes.


  • By the Christmas of 2020 the world will go back to being pretty normal.

  • The coronavirus vaccine and tests will be in production and starting to reach us.

  • The elections will be over in America and half the country will be happy. I know who will win, but I don't want to lose the other half of the country. The "fear" vote will carry the day. 

  • The riots will subside because they will run out of steam. It will be the 1960s déjà vu.

  • The economy will start to recover and people will be going back to work.

  • However, the temporary telework experience will become semi-permanent. Corporations will realize that the overhead investment in terms of building mortgage/rent, power (electricity, gas), furniture and maintenance is not needed. The virtual office will take hold.

  • The stock market will be over 15,000. And 2021 will be a very good year to invest in people, the market and real estate -- in that order.


So, there you have it! Buy low and sell high. I just did.