There is one reason for you to visit this site repeatedly and more important for you to subscribe to the forthcoming blog. You cannot manage change unless you understand the nature change itself. What is the “Next Big Thing?” What causes it? How can you anticipate it?


Most important of all: How Can You Profit By It? It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do (profit being made financially, politically, socially, etc.), your very survival depends on you anticipating change. History is literally littered with people just like you who suffered or profited by anticipating, ignoring or being oblivious to change. You could have been a Jew in Nazi Germany (political), or a homosexual in the 1990s (pandemic), or an investor in any economic upturn or downturn (financial). Change can be a minor one at your workplace or major one that is worldwide. In either case, the Book of Change is your crystal ball into your future.



Unpredictable Existential “Black Swan” Events:

  • Human diseases (Pandemic – AIDS, Ebola, Zika, H1N1, SARS)

  • Human events (assassinations, trade wars, inventions)

  • On earth (volcanoes, weather, earthquakes)

  • Off earth (meteorites)


Predictable Events:

  • Political elections (cyclical)

  • Economic recessions (cyclical)

  • Social/cultural changes (1960s)

  • Technological

  • Wars


Categorical Events:

  • Technology (inventions). The stick as weapon or agriculture

  • Communication/Media: Spoken word, written work, printed word, computer, internet, AI

  • Culture/Social: business

  • Economy: business (profit)

  • Politics


The Who Predict Such Events:

  • Science fiction writers

  • Futurists

  • Philosophers

  • Theorists

  • Economists

  • Religion leaders

  • Prophets (real and fake)