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10 Change Management Questions.

This is a survey type quiz based on a similar online one posed by Oxford University Press meant to test your knowledge against that of other change management curious. This kind of 10 point exercise is usually a click bait teaser to get provide your information or buy a product without any immediate feedback. However, mine is fast, easy and with immediate results. You take the quiz and find out what your score is and how your compare to the others. The only point of this exercise is to provide you more information about the legitimate use of scientific research surveys that I came across during my change management research. I should note that when I took this test, I didn't get all of the questions right. In fact, one of them I never even heard of. Which puts either the Oxford University Press in question or my website. More on that later.


This is what I got from embedding the Survey Monkey codes. Didn't work too well. So stay tuned for it.

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